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Classic Group was named from"Pragmatism and Classic" and founded in 2001. With years of development, our total assets is 2.6 billion yuan and fixed assets 1.5 billion yuan. It covers an area of 540, 000 square meters of land and workshop of 260000 square meters, building area 100,000 square meters, 2300 staffs and 500 technical personnel.


architecture_largeClassic Group is a collection of steel structure Manufacturing and sales, project contract construction, architectural design and other diversified operations of the national high-tech enterprises. The company was established in 2012, and has the first-class qualification of steel structure manufacturing, the first-class qualification of steel structure construction, the first-class special project design qualification and the first-class design qualification of curtain wall decoration

Steel structure manufacturing Highest qualification

Highest qualification for steel structure installation

Class A special engineering design qualification enterprises

Fabricated steel structure

The prefabricated construction method is to complete the main components and parts of the building in the factory, and then transport them to the site. After mechanized installation, the building can meet the predetermined functional requirements. Known as "green building", steel structure is the most suitable form of prefabricated assembly and construction. It has the advantages of good seismic performance and light weight.

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