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Classic group is a collection of steel structure Manufacturing and sales,project contract construction, architectural design and other diversified operations of the national high-tech enterprises.The company was established in 2012, and has the first-class qualification of steel structure manufacturing,the first-class qualification of steel structure construction,the first-class special project design qualification and the first-class design qualification of curtain wall decoration.

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Shandong Classic Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Classic Group) is a core industry of R&D, design, manufacturing, construction, warehousing and logistics of steel structure, and is engaged in diversified operations such as material trade, curtain wall decoration, decoration and decoration, and cultural media. National High-Tech Enterprise. Founded in 2012, the classic enterprise named after the meaning of “World Classics” is located in Shandong Yinzhou Industrial Park. It has 19 subsidiaries with total assets of 3.6 billion yuan and fixed assets of 2 billion yuan. 956 acres, with a production workshop of 360,000 square meters, 2,600 employees.

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